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Joseph's Tree Removal & Land Management LLC

                            Complete Tree Removal and all your Land Needs!​



We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our most general services are shown below. We are available for sub-contracting. Please call or e-mail for more information on our services, current rates, and custom options for your property.

            -Special Services-

-Boom Truck Services-

-Forestry Mulching-

-Going Green!-

Just ask about our custom cutting options! Please give me your feedback on how I can meet you needs and earn your business.


We are not only going to offer the ability to recycle your own trees into useful lumber.....

- we have 100% natural green waist! Mulch!

                   - fresh wood chips

                                   - Pine chips (Keeps regrowth down)

                           - Oak/ none acidic

                                        Great for farm animal pens, 

                          water absorption, landscapes/

                                         erosion control..... 

                   - One to two year chip mix (Mulch)

                                                    Good supplement to the garden or flower


- Forestry Mulching-

- Mulching! Clear your land the Green way. We can mulch all material into a mulch that keeps undergrowth down and controls erosion!

SAVE SAVE on cost!

-Clear,property lines,fence lines, hunting lanes/ food plots

- make more usable back yard space and push the bugs away from your space!

-Keep your trees!

- Friendly advice on select cutting or trimming your trees to maintain our beautiful environment our next generation. ( If it doesn't need to be cut down we will tell you!)